Here I try to answer some of the questions people have about what I do.  Click here to return to the main prop/skeg repair page.

Prop & Skeg Repair

Q. What is the benefit to having a repair done instead of purchasing a new prop?
When you order a new prop you are asked a lot of questions like:
1. What is the diameter of your prop
2. What is the pitch of your prop
3. Do you have 6 splines, 10 or 12?
You don’t have any of these questions if I am repairing your existing prop.

Q. Why in some cases is it about the same cost to repair a prop as it is to replace it with a new one?
This can be true with some Aluminum Props.  That’s because when you buy a cheap new aluminum prop you are usually buying a thinner bladed prop.  If your existing prop is of a thicker material, I match that thickness when I do the repair.

Q. Can I change the pitch of my prop?
Yes you can to very small degrees.

Q. Do you use pitch blocks to ensure an accurate pitch?
Yes I do

Q. How long have you been repairing props and skegs?
I started repairing props and skegs in 1991

Q. Are you willing to meet me on a Saturday or Sunday so I can use my boat today?
In most cases I can.  You need to call for availability however.

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